Reconstruction of K Street

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Reconstruction of K Street


Existing K Street Images

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) propose to improve the K Street corridor in northwest Washington, DC, to efficiently accommodate multi-modal travel. The study area is located along K Street, NW, between 23rd and 8ths Streets. The project will provide a 2-lane centerway in the center of K Street within existing right-of-way.

K Street Project Corridor Map

Detailed design plans are currently underway and are approximately 30% complete. The design is expected to be finalized in Mid February. In September 2009, DDOT submitted an application to receive Federal Stimulus money to fund the Reconstruction of K Street Project. The recipients of the money will be announced in February 2010.

The purpose of the K Street project is to create a transportation facility that supports the mobility, throughput capacity, and economic vitality within the downtown Central Business District (CBD) by:

  • Providing efficient travel along K Street for all transportation modes, including transit, pedestrians, bicycles, and automobiles
  • Eliminating roadway infrastructure deficiencies along K Street and improving mobility and safety for all K Street users
  • Constructing a "Green Street" using exceptional urban design principles and innovative and environmentally sustainable design methods.
  • The study was first evaluated in 2005 as part of the transitway study. In 2009 DDOT completed the study and a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was approved in 2009. The Environmental Assessment and FONSI have been prepared for the K Street Project and are available for public review: